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“The best use of consultant dollars I've ever spent"

Sherry Perkins PhD, RN (COO)
Anne Arundel Medical Center, MD

“Having experienced the impact on patient satisfaction, community image, and financial performance at our hospital, I wholeheartedly endorse this model of care. Working with them was an enriching experience. Indeed, we now use the MS2 change management process as the model for our other strategic initiatives."

Karen Olscamp (CEO)
Baltimore Washington Medical Center, MD

“The bottom line is patient care and without hesitation, I can say our patients and community receive safer more efficient care since we partnered with MS2. They really have their act together. Their change management style and direction made what many considered an impossible pie-in-the-sky dream into a reality. We could not have done it without them."

Larry Linder, MD, (CMO)
Baltimore Washington Medical Center, MD

“They helped dramatically increase ER volumes, satisfaction and revenues while controlling costs, eliminating patients leaving unseen and dispensing with diversion. It surpassed even our wildest expectations"

Gary Gaube (CEO)
Landmark Medical Center, RI

“Working with Dr. Belaval was a positive, educational experience that yielded excellent results. His knowledge of the field and application of innovation and theory make him an extremely valuable partner for improvement in emergency care design and delivery.”

Sandra Geiger (VP Care Excellence)
South Shore Hospital, MA

“Based on my experience, I hold MS2 in high regard and recommend their services. LifeBridge Health contracted MS2 to assist us in redesigning our ER front end process. The goal of the engagement was to reduce wait times for patients and reduce the number of patients who choose to leave without treatment. They did this work for both of LBH’s acute care hospitals. Dr. Belaval and his team are very knowledgeable and professional. They worked effectively with front line staff and hospital executives. They were very committed to guiding us to get the outcomes that we desired.”

Evelyn Amaral (VP Operations Engineering)
LifeBridge Health, MD

“I had the great pleasure to work with Dr. Belaval and his team in developing patient flow initiatives at our Hospital. They showed great endurance and patience as they guided us through a sometimes difficult but necessary process. I would recommend their services highly to anyone or any corporation in need.”

John Benanti MD, FACEP (ED Chief)
South Shore Hospital, MA

“MS2 did a great job. Unlike typical consultants who simply repeat back what you told them, they tells you what you need to know even if it isn’t always what you want to hear. Unlike typical consultants who tell you what you need to fix and then leave, they help you figure out how to do that and actually stay and help with the process. They were much more like partners than consultants. They were able to help change the culture of how we worked and thought. They were able to bring the correct people to the table in order to get things done. Emilio is very personable and he was able to take a difficult process and make it less antagonistic. I would not hesitate to work with him in the future.”

Larry Linder MD, FACEP (CMO)
Baltimore Washington Medical Center, MD

“The best administrative decision I have ever made"

Richard Charest (COO)
Landmark Medical Center, RI


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