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Who is NovaSim?

NovaSim is an innovative company founded to bring the power of simulation to institutional decision making, ultimately helping Hospitals improve their bottom line. Simulation is the focus of their entire business. In fact, their expert management team has logged nearly four decades in the field of simulation.

NovaSim provides:

  • Full simulation consulting services, including the development of custom simulation applications.
  • Comprehensive simulation training services that include regularly scheduled live courses and custom on-site training.
  • Development of a suite of simulation software tools designed specifically for healthcare process improvement.

The NovaSim team experts have advanced degrees in the field and many years of practical experience. They also possess all the ancillary skills necessary to create a truly successful simulation project, including process improvement, comprehensive data analysis, and project management.

Why we decided to partner with NovaSim...

For Healthcare Operations Redesign consultants like us, the ability to show an institution the effects and remarkable results that a new process redesign can accomplish before actual implementation is incredibly valuable. By showing change effects beforehand, accurate simulations can help provide a compelling argument for change and help institutions obtain buy-in for the initiatives to be implemented at a much earlier stage. It can also help them decide which course to take when several options for potential workflow, process and logistics redesign change initiatives that address similar problems are presented.

Through our partnership with NovaSim, MS2 can now provide clients powerful simulation tools that can greatly facilitate the Operations Redesign and Hospital Change Management efforts we perform on their behalf.


  • The ability to test the effects of several operations redesign options and scenarios before committing to a specific course of action.
  • The ability to gauge the impact that operations and logistics redesign in one unit or service line would have throughout the entire Hospital system. This is critical to prevent optimizing an area at the expense of the performance of others.
  • The ability to protect gains obtained through implemented operations redesign initiatives by helping prevent future changes that could detract from the results and performance already attained.

Bottom-line...there is no complex Hospital capacity, workflow, process or logistics scenario that MS2 and NovaSim cannot accurately map, simulate and test.

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Who is Optimé?

Founded in 2005, the Optimé Group was created to help healthcare organizations solve their most complex and persistent labor problems.

Optimé is led by experts with multidisciplinary backgrounds who bring very advanced analytics & technology to any labor problem at hand. Their holistic approach is also very unique. In fact, Optimé has developed a comprehensive web based technology platform for optimizing healthcare workforces. Their applications contain an integrated set of modules for everything from demand forecasting and planning, to determining optimal workforce deployment strategy, to budgeting, credentials management, scheduling, staffing, shift fulfillment, vendor management, and financial and operational performance monitoring. This platform is browser-based, hosted, but integrated with incumbent hospital technologies for seamless operations.

Why we decided to partner with Optimé...

Although Optimé provides a myriad of services related to staffing and labor management, our main attraction to them is based on the fact that Optimé is able to automate and accurately forecast the staffing levels that an institution will require on an almost hour-per-hour basis based on historical demand patterns. As a Healthcare Operations Redesign Consulting company, MS2 sees a tremendous amount of value in this automated predictive staffing modeling ability for several reasons:

  • It will allow us to show clients the impact that certain staffing scenarios would have on current or future operational models and help guide the decisions an institution must make before the major change initiatives are decided upon.
  • It will allow our clients to accurately forecast the optimal staffing patterns that the institution will require based on the anticipated demand patterns that an institution will experience after all the operational changes are implemented.
  • It will allow our clients to better match labor demand to available resources on an almost "real-time" basis to diminish the amount of unproductive hours that a unit with variable and unpredictable demand experiences just to shore-up for "potential" demand spikes that may or may not occur. Better matching of demand to labor needs can translate into huge savings for our clients.

In addition, another thing that gravitated MS2 to Optimé is the fact that the reporting and data abstraction capabilities of their web-based technology is unparalleled. For a data driven company like ours, this capability is a must.

Bottom line...If it involves Labor Management and Staffing...MS2 and Optimé can do it.

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Who is EmEx?

Emergency Excellence "EmEx" is an organization dedicated to improving emergency department performance. Their primary mission is to disseminate proven "Best-Practices" that can enhance and support ED operations. In performing this mission, they provide several ED consultation options and unique ED support services like:

  • ED Benchmarking
  • ED Dashboard and Data Analysis
  • ED Patient Callbacks
  • ED Performance Recognition Awards

Since its inception, EmEx has amassed significant recognition in the Emergency Department Services community. They deserve the recognition due to the fact that some services, like their ED Benchmarking and Patient Callbacks, are unmatched in the industry not only in scope and results but also in price.

Why we decided to partner with EmEx...

EmEx is actually our first and oldest partnership. In order to deliver the most comprehensive and innovative consultation and operations support services to Emergency Departments throughout the country, MS2 and EmEx have successfully interwoven some of their Emergency Department Service lines and even share resources. The results have been a highly integrated and successful partnership that play to the specific strengths of each company and produce synergistic outcomes that greatly magnify the results for our clients in common.

Through our partnership...MS2 clients receive the following:

  • Access to the best and most useful ED Benchmarking Service in the industry.
  • Access to the best and most effective ED Patients Callback Service available.
  • Access to the best ED Dashboard Design and Data Analysis Service anywhere.
  • The Ability to be recognized as an "ED Center of Excellence" based on results.
  • Access to highly targeted and very cost-effective ED Consultation Services.
  • Access to some of the best minds in the Emergency Department Optimization industry.

Our partnership with EmEx have stood the test of time and demonstrate the benefits and synergies that two successful and unique companies can attain for their clients in common. We are very excited about our continued partnership with EmEx and continuing disseminating ED "Best-Practices" through the US and abroad.

Bottom line...if your Emergency Department is in trouble, there is no problem that MS2 and EmEx cannot identify and solve.

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Who is Optimium Health "OHI"?

Optimium endeavors to drive operational excellence in healthcare organizations through leading-edge process management innovations that streamline clinical workflows, improve financial returns, and enhances the patient experience.

Their product, called OPTIMI$ER™, mainly serves as a “bridge” that facilitates information exchange between disparate IT systems and virtually eliminates unnecessary manual data transfer between departments and multiple staff members.

At its core...OPTIMI$ER™ breaks down workflow “silos” and creates a dynamic information exchange environment that facilitates work across departments and automatically forces clinical workflow and process transitions to occur in a timely and accountable basis.

OPTIMI$ER orchestrates any sort of critical workflows and process steps via information push and pull, task alerts, workflow dashboards, and the ability to direct work to the appropriate person at the right time.

Why we decided to partner with OHI...


From a Healthcare Operations Redesign standpoint, we are extremely excited about our partnership with Optimium Health Inc. "OHI". The reason is that a lot of what we do at MS2 involves leaning out processes and clinical workflows and then coordinating the logistics of the Multidepartmental interfaces and system information exchanges that must take place for optimal institutional flow to occur. Nevertheless, until has always been a challenge to track these exchanges in real-time with the tracking technologies currently available.

One of the most attractive value propositions for us is to be able to now redesign and automate an entire process from beginning to end and establish automated alert systems that help track and promote all the transitions of care and workflows that are required without major data entry requirements into disparate systems. In addition, OPTIMI$ER™ is a fully agnostic technology that can pull data from any tracking or financial system without problems. From a logistics coordination viewpoint...this is as close to Nirvana as you can get.

These are the primary benefits that our current and future clients will enjoy from the incorporation of this amazing technology:

  • It will allow our clients to establish a technology that will allow their new redesigned workflows, processes and patient flow logistics operations to be automatically monitored and tracked while providing real-time alerts of breakdowns before they have a chance to severely impact the system.
  • It will allow our clients to perform immediate recovery of workflow, process or logistics breakdowns in almost real-time rather than waiting for a retrospective report abstracted after the fact. This can decrease the amount and severity of breakdown outliers and bring a system under control without major effort. This is healthcare Six-Sigma at its best!
  • It will facilitate our client's change management efforts after major operations redesign initiatives by creating an objective and automated system that promotes accountability through the entire process spectrum and precludes any one silo or clinical staff member from "tanking" a process through overt noncompliance. This is Automated Operations Management at its best!

From managing entire Perioperative workflows, the entire Labor & Delivery macro system, or the real-time ED patient flow performance...the potential uses of this technology within a Healthcare institution are almost endless. No wonder we at MS2 are so excited about the potential of incorporating this technology within the redesigned operational models and logistics interfacing changes we help our clients implement.

Bottom line...If it involves process and clinical workflow exchanges between units or departments...MS2 and OHI can map it, automate it, and track it.

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Partnering Requirements

If your company wants to be considered for a potential business partnership or strategic alliance Agreement with MS2 we require the following:

  • Your company must offer a high-impact, innovative, and effective offering that addresses patient flow operations and logistics improvement as its core purpose.
  • Your company must have the highest reputation for customer service, 24/7 support and must assure that response times to our client requests or questions be answered or acknowledged within 1 business day.
  • MS2 clients and referrals must be given a guaranteed reduced pricing they would not have gotten otherwise from direct inquiry.
  • Your company offering(s) must not compete or be in conflict with those of current MS2 partners or strategic alliances.

If interested contact us for potential partnering discussion

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