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Hospital Operations Support Services

Hospital Financial Support Services

Research shows that approximately one fourth of all medical practice income is lost due to under-pricing, under-coding, missed charges or un-reimbursed claims.

Most organizations performing in-house coding and billing are only receiving 70% of the available medical billing revenue due to them.

Optimizing revenue involves much more than filing claims. It means streamlining the entire process that begins when you see a patient and ends when payment is deposited in your account.

Let MS2 handle all your financial support needs and see your revenue reach new heights.

Coding & Billing

The MS2 Coding & Billing Services for Hospital-based professionals are available for the following specialties:

  • Hospitalists
  • Anesthesiologists
  • Radiologists

The complexities and challenges involved to keep up to date with Hospital-based professional services coding requirements and properly track the revenue cycle services are significant even for large organizations.

In-house staff, as capable as they may be, tend to lack the highly specialized knowledge and focus necessary to properly code and bill for Hospital-based professional services.

Most Hospitals and Physician Groups that perform coding & billing for Hospital-based professional services with in-house staff leave an average of 30% of the potential collectible revenue on the table.

If you are coding and billing for Hospital-based professional services you owe it to yourself and your organization to explore the impact that a highly specialized and focused coding and billing strategy could have on your bottom-line.

The outsourced Coding & Billing Services provided through MS2 can markedly make a difference in your ability to recoup collectible revenue for professional services and decrease your in-house staffing costs.

The coders provided through MS2 are all CPT-certified and specialized in Hospital-based professional services coding and billing as well as required to frequently update their knowledge and credentials to keep-up with an ever changing landscape of rules and regulations.

From the proper abstraction of medical necessity…to complete and proper CPT coding for procedures, the MS2 Coding and Billing Service will allow your institution or Physician Group to feel secure about the coding levels applied and provide a faster turnaround than what in-house coding staff can usually provide.

Coding & Billing Services Highlights:

  • Outsourced solution. Less staffing costs.
  • Provides an Initial comprehensive analysis of your current coding and billing performance.
  • CPT-Certified Coders with specialized training in coding and billing for professional services.
  • Coders required to frequently update their specialized knowledge and credentials.
  • Frequent updates on A/R aging and outstanding collectibles.
  • Electronic submission to third-party payers.

The MS2 Coding & Billing Services are provided as a per chart flat-fee or as a % of collectible revenue (aligned incentive).

Contact us for an initial free analysis of your current coding and billing performance and an assessment of the impact our outsourced solution might provide to your institution or Physician Group.

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